Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Dressing Room

We are moving in just over one month's time and I'm starting to put ideas together for the different rooms in our new home.

Luckily in the new house we will have a room spare for me to have my very own dressing room!  I currently use the spare room, which in our flat is also used for storage, hanging washed clothes, guests and generally to put anything that doesn't have a place to live.  It has always been my dream to have a lovely dressing room with ample storage and clutter free surfaces... bliss!

So join me as I attempt to turn this....

Into something like this....
Pinterest Source

Ok so here are a few ideas pilfered from Pinterest:

Pinterest Sources:  {1}{2}{3}{4}{5}{6}{7}{8}{9}{10}

I love the idea of having a really clean, pure main colour (probably white) with a splash of subtle colour, maybe duck egg blue with a light grey?  I'm loving yellow at the moment but if I'm not careful the whole house will be yellow!!!  I definitely like the vintage style dressing table and the idea of lots of storage areas (picture 3.) with a huge mirror (picture 4.).

I really want the room to be usable but also picturesque and pretty (in stark contract to Mr. H's planned 'man room').  I'll need storage space for clothes, shoes, bags, jewellry, accessories and hair and beauty products.

We are viewing the house again on Monday so I'm going to have a proper look at the room and get some measurements before I buy anything.  I then plan to start researching dressing tables and build the rest of the room around this as the centre piece.

Watch this space!

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  1. Eeee! This is all so exciting!! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :D