Friday, 1 January 2016

4 {simple} things for 2016

2015 - you've been epic, life changing kinda epic, but also one of the hardest years of my life.  And although I'm truly thankful for the awesome times (welcoming our two little munchkins into the world and being a part of two of my favourite people's wedding to name but two) I'm also quite pleased to draw a line underneath you and start somewhat afresh in 2016.  Ok so a new year doesn't magically make you a new person, make your babies sleep or your clothes fit better but it is an opportunity to think about where you're at, where you want to be and if you're willing to put some effort into getting there.  For us 2016 signals more imminent changes in that I will be returning to work and with that we'll be learning, even more so, to balance life as new parents with life outside in the big baby-free world.  Scary.

So here are my 4 {simple} things for 2016:
1. To use more than 10% of my wardrobe
This also goes for beauty products, make up and jewellery.  I find myself wearing the same things day in day out and craving the ultimate shopping trip when actually I have a lot of perfectly good clothes etc right here.  The flip side to this is getting rid of stuff.  Do I really need that 10 year old green eye shadow?  Or those PJs that give me a massive wedgie and have been repeatedly puked on by the little people? Probably not. 
2. To be a better listener
I like to talk. A lot. And I've noticed that I've developed the bad, and rude, habit of talking over people.  I know when I'm doing it but I also get so excited I talk anyway.  Spending 24/7 with babies doesn't help in that any adult company results in me going into full verbal diarrhoea overload.  So here's a big THANK YOU to all my wonderful friends and family who listen to me talk about, usually, utter rubbish.   I would like to repay the favour, duct tape my gob shut and sit back and listen.  Or at least wait my turn before unleashing the blab :)
3. To be more adventurous/confident with food
Ok so rather than my typical I want to lose weight resolution this is actually more about achieving a healthy relationship with food for me and my family.  I joined Slimming World in November and have so far lost 10lbs (not too bad given Christmas!) and whilst I'd like to continue my weight loss journey I also want to do it in a sustainable, healthy way.  I've never enjoyed or had the mind for cooking and let's be honest if I could get away eating super noodles everyday I would. But now I have two little people who I need to feed and have a responsibility to make sure they start off on the right track to a healthy relationship with food. 
4. To start running again 
With the complete lifestyle change that comes with becoming a parent exercise, for me, has taken a backseat.  We go out for a walk pretty much everyday but I'd like to start running again not only for the fitness benefits but also to carve out a bit of me time.  Pre-babies I played netball twice a week, used the gym and went running.  Right now netball and the gym are not feasible but running could be.  It's free, with no set time, no set distance, I've got all the gear, it will give me the opportunity to have some time to myself and some head space, I can go with the flow or set goals, tap into the running social scene with friends and races - all with the added bonus of it being very good for you!
So there you go.  Happy New Year to you all and I hope you have a good one :)

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