Friday, 30 August 2013

Green Fingers {Guest Post for Anjali}

Here's a snippet of my my latest guest post.....

Well hello there fellow blog lovers!

Anjali has very kindly asked me to guest post again today whilst she is on her travels in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

So as some of you may know Mr H and I have recently moved into a new home complete with a front and back garden to play with!  As a couple we've only ever lived in rented apartments with no garden.  Before this I never really took much interest in my parents garden other than using it for sunbathing opportunities in the summer!
The garden pre Mr and Mrs H

I've long been craving a garden and absolutely LOVE visiting gardening centres.  There's so much possibility and nik-naks you can buy to add a personal touch let alone all the different plant, vegetable and aquatic choices!  So where to begin?

Accessorize, Accessorize!

I definitely don't have visions of a landscape masterpiece but more of a tidy, maintainable extension of our home with plenty of colour and wildlife attractions.  I'd like our garden to be somewhere we can relax and enjoy time with our friends over a few drinks and a BBQ (Mr H's homemade burgers are sublime!).

Read the full post on Anjali's From L&P to English Tea blog here!

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Saturday, 24 August 2013

And it was all yellow...

Hi peeps!  Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend.

I thought I'd use this post to give you a taster of my current colour crush.  Yellow has been really popular this season and is the ideal colour to add a bit of sunshine to your day.

It all started for me two years ago with this dress:

Mallorca - Summer 2011
Riffling through the Top Shop sale I found this and decided to make it my 'aim to fit into' summer holiday dress and come our holiday (and my weight target) I completely fell in love with it!  Since then I've been slowly adding a splash of lemon to my everyday life and wardrobe and now I can't get enough of it!

When we first got engaged I knew I wanted to incorporate yellow into our wedding.  I wanted a simple bouquet made up mainly of yellow roses and the florist came up trumps with this beauty:  (more wedding posts to come!)

Insight into our wedding
Moving into our new home has also been a good excuse to add in some yellow tones, although I've had to be careful not to decorate every room yellow!  Here are a few of my current favourite tid-bits:

{Plaque and Kitchenware - Next Home}{Nail polish - Barry M + Max Factor} {Bag - Debenhams}
What's your current colour crush?

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Flay Tummy Diet: Update

I think a good way to describe my current diet is......coasting.  After a successful start to my flat tummy diet I hold my hands up and confess the road has been rocky.  I have had some yummy healthy food but also been sporadic in my willpower and motivation (plus had a nasty stomach bug which although made me go off my food initially then left me ravenous and craving carbs).

Now we've moved house and got that out the way it's time to re-focus, get back on that band wagon, set new goals and get into a new routine.  I'm going to start by using the rest of this week looking back over past posts and focusing on the preparation and the past success of week 1.

Setting Goals

I have several events coming up that should help with goals and motivation.  My best buddy Jane is getting married in October so there will be lot's of preparation, girlie days and of course the all important hen do and I'll definitely be wanting to look my best!  I'm also planning to run a 5k personal best at the end of Sept so this will keep me focused on training, as well as getting fit for the start of the netball season.  So lots to focus on!

I'm going to re-start my 21 days of the flat tummy club diet, again using the My Fitness Pal app and introducing the RunKeeper app which is fantastic for tracking your workouts, including GPS tracking of your runs etc!  This then shows a map of where you've been, the distance and time and can be linked to My Fitness Pal to calculate calories burned and add them to your daily record.

So Monday morning my goal is to jump on the dreaded (for now!) scales to examine the damage and start my 21 days.  I still have a goal weight of 133lbs and will put in a time frame for this based upon my current weight.  I've also decided to include goal based rewards to really keep me focused.  More on this next week :)

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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Moving Day {Our New Home}

I finally have use of the internet for a couple of hours so going to give you a quick update!

All packed up!
We have moved {round of applause}!  The last couple of days of packing we're pretty stress free, apart from the fact I was feeling really under the weather so my routine was pretty much - pack, nap, pack, lie on sofa, pack.... but we got there in the end!

We picked up the keys to the house on Monday and did a few errands in town before heading over to suss the place out!  We decided to give the place a once over clean and washed the floors (downstairs is laminate) before heading back to the flat to finish the last bit of packing.

On Tuesday morning we got up bright and early, dressed in comfy clothes and got ready for a days work.  Little did we realise that the actual move would be a breeze!  I've never used a removal company before but they are definitely worth the money!  We literally stood around and twiddled our thumbs before deciding to go and have a coffee and something to eat in Costa.  Very hard work.
Empty flat :(

The removal men made short work of our worldly goods and it was strange to see that our lives fitted into a surprisingly small van....  But they did, and off we went!  The next stage was about as hard work as the first, apart from this time I was stood at the bottom of the stairs giving instructions - "office, kitchen, living room...."  I'd labelled all the boxes but forgot that they wouldn't necessarily know where we wanted all the bits of furniture!  Luckily the weather was on our side and it was a lovely sunny day which made the experience even easier!

The men finished unloading the van and accepted my offer of squash and crisps before cheerily waving goodbye, leaving Mr H and I to admire our new abode.  It was only lunchtime so we decided to get the kitchen, living room and bed sorted before popping into town to pick up some groceries and order an Indian take-away for dinner.  We don't have Sky, phoneline or internet set up yet and mobile signal is pretty poor.  But we do have freeview telly (hurray!) and have plenty to keep us occupied for the time being!

We spent the rest of the week unpacking, sorting, re-sorting, exploring and cleaning.  We've pretty much sorted all the rooms to be livable/useable.  Mr H has put up his dart board.  I've found a potential running route.  We've mown the lawns. So a pretty successful week I'd say!

One thing I'm loving at the moment is the lack of seagulls and the number of butterflies and bumble bees attracted to the garden (more on gardening to come).
Our new garden
Back to work tomorrow (boo!) but will have plenty of house posts coming up as we settle and nest in our new home :)

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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I'll be back...

Just a quick update to say I'm still here but currently have no internet in the new house!

Move went well and working on lots of posts ready for when we re-connect to the world.

So, never fear - I will be back!

Ellie xx