Friday, 30 August 2013

Green Fingers {Guest Post for Anjali}

Here's a snippet of my my latest guest post.....

Well hello there fellow blog lovers!

Anjali has very kindly asked me to guest post again today whilst she is on her travels in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

So as some of you may know Mr H and I have recently moved into a new home complete with a front and back garden to play with!  As a couple we've only ever lived in rented apartments with no garden.  Before this I never really took much interest in my parents garden other than using it for sunbathing opportunities in the summer!
The garden pre Mr and Mrs H

I've long been craving a garden and absolutely LOVE visiting gardening centres.  There's so much possibility and nik-naks you can buy to add a personal touch let alone all the different plant, vegetable and aquatic choices!  So where to begin?

Accessorize, Accessorize!

I definitely don't have visions of a landscape masterpiece but more of a tidy, maintainable extension of our home with plenty of colour and wildlife attractions.  I'd like our garden to be somewhere we can relax and enjoy time with our friends over a few drinks and a BBQ (Mr H's homemade burgers are sublime!).

Read the full post on Anjali's From L&P to English Tea blog here!

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