Friday, 20 January 2017

Time for {health}

Following on from my Time to {diet} blog post back in November I’ve decided to change tact and re-focus on my no.1 goal for 2017 – Health.  So instead of part 2 of Time to {diet} here’s a restart with Time for {health}.

I’d still like to lose weight and use aspects of different diets such as Slimming World and the Diet Doctors but centre everything around a healthy lifestyle rather than just my weight alone.  Health encompasses a lot more than just how you look and that’s the mind-set I’d like to shift.  Health is about how you feel, attitude and mental well-being. 

What does health look like to me?

-          Clean
-          Clear skin
-          Shiny hair
-          Slim
-          Confident, relaxed, happy persona
-          Well fitting, styling clothes
-          Fit and toned
-          Fresh colourful food
-          Energy
-          Simplicity
-          Sitting in the garden with a tan and denim shorts, a salad and glass of wine watching the boys play in the sunshine.  Hair thrown up in a bun, make-up and care free J
-          Walking into work fresh as a daisy in a well fitted outfit and heels ready and focused for the day.
-          Lazy Sunday mornings in a clean un-cluttered bedroom drinking coffee and catching up on the news/planning future blogs/emails. 
-          A family wellie walk in the forest before meeting friends for a pub lunch.
-          Running along quiet country lanes getting into a rhythm listening to my favourite tunes, feeling the wind and sun on my skin. 
-          Friends and family sitting round a table full of home cooked food and delicious wine {have I mentioned wine yet?!} laughing, chatting and reminiscing. 

On holiday in 2011
Reflections on health

-          Keep it simple, de-clutter
-          Surrounded by positivity and beauty
-          Believe
-          Focus
-          Organisation – top 3 tasks
-          Me time – time to indulge in favourite things, pamper
-          Build fitness into everyday life
-          Run
-          Watch the pennies – take control of money
-          Meal plan and weekly shop
-          Home cooking, new recipes, variety
-          Ask for help when needed
-          Take time out - head space, time to process, seek guidance and reflect
-          Time for mental health
-          Less stress, more patience
-          Slower pace of life
-          Quality over quantity
-          Practice patience and positivity
-          Hydration 
-          Music and dance – let your hair down!
-          Avoid negative, high maintenance relationships
-          Create memories
-          Keep learning, career development
-          Fresh air
-          Take pressure off
-          Balance
-          Family
-          Friends
       Be kind
-          Be honest
-          Be present
-          Be loving
-          Be confident
-          Be creative
-          Be thankful
Running my first 10k in 2012

-     The way forward

-          Be open about my health journey
-          Ask family and friends to support
-          Make small everyday changes
-          Drink more water
-          Use basis of Slimming World but focusing on health rather than dieting
-          Monthly weigh ins – shift mind-set away from just weight management
-          Start running again {will be easier as spring approaches!}
-          Take a packed lunch to work
-          Weekly food plan
-          Keep a food and mood diary
-          Don’t have unhealthy treats in the house
-          Start to de-clutter and simplify
-          Make more effort to be organised
-          Home pamper sessions
-          Set goals – write them down somewhere prominent as a reminder
-          Look into furthering my education and career development
-          Take pressure off myself

Joe Wick's Thai Green Prawn Curry
So basically {as my brother pointed out} I want to be a yummy mummy {haha}!  I want to make my boys proud and bring them up in a healthy, happy household. I want to wake up feeling good and positive rather than sluggish and demotivated.  I want to see this through and not give up when the going gets tough but also not to put so much pressure on myself that I crumble. 

Just remember – you can do anything but not everything! 

Quality time with my little people
Good luck everyone!

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