Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The Secret Diary of a Sleep Talker…

My hubby has a vivid imagination to say the least and unfortunately this doesn’t have an off switch when he goes to the land of nod.

Being suddenly woken up in the middle of the night is never fun and episodes range from random shouting and talking in Welsh to full on night terrors, to which all you can do is try to sooth and let run their course.  All tend to end with him waking himself up, giving me a quizzical look, turning over pulling the duvet with him and mumbling grumpily “shut up Ellie I’m going to sleep”.  To which I just lay still and stunned!

The first night terror I can recall was in our little one bedroom flat on the coast of Aberystwyth (West Wales) one January night.  A storm was brewing and we’d watched ‘Indiana Jones’ the night before.  Suddenly Mr H jumped out of bed screaming “scorpions!” and whacking the sheets.   He proceeded to pull me out of bed and strip all the covers off, fanning them frantically and hitting the mattress as I stood bewildered, shivering and slightly in shock!  Next thing I knew he had made the bed, got back between the covers, rolled over and gone back to sleep.

There have been similar situations with rats and lobsters under his pillow and bumble bees chasing him.  Usually he runs around shouting for a bit whilst I try to sleepily sooth him and gently coax him back to bed.  One night I woke up to him nudging me in the back, “what’s wrong?” I questioned, suddenly awake with fear something had happened.  “I’m making canapés” he answered innocently.  Obviously!

He often tucks himself up in bed with a smile on his face thinking aloud “what shall I dream of tonight?” – all I can think is “please don’t let it be butchering an animal carcass”!

The thing is the next morning he denies all knowledge, looks at me like I’m crazy and is convinced I’m making it all up…… maybe I’m the one who’s been dreaming……

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