Friday, 28 June 2013

Current likes: Friday 28 June 2013

A little snap shot into the world of Ellie….

Reading:  The Summer House, by Santa Montefiore

Watching:  New Girl

Playing:  Ankh Morkpork (board game)

Listening:  Les Mis soundtrack

Wearing (work): Floaty skirts

Wearing (wkend): Skinny jeans

Working on:  Internal controls audit report

Last film I watched:  Fired Up

Last DVD boxset I watched:  Game of Thrones Season 2

Food that’s good for me:  Pink grapefruit

Food that’s not so good for me:  Buttered toast

Drink (non-alcoholic):  Apple and mango squash

Drink (alcoholic):  Crabbies Ginger Beer

Projects:  Wedding scrapbook, blogging

Last purchase:  A faux-pearl collar necklace (on sale – huzzah!)

Plan of action for tomorrow:  Gym, housework, evening out with the girls and time with my bessie! 

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