Wednesday, 3 August 2016

I’ll do it {when I’m slim}

Do you ever find yourself saying things like “I’ll buy that new pair of jeans I like when I’ve lost weight” {whilst simultaneously munching on a Kit Kat Chunky}?

That’s fair enough.  Why waste money on something that’s not going to fit in 4, 12 or 100 weeks time?
But let’s think about that differently.  Even if you have committed to losing weight the reality is that weight loss is not something that happens overnight {extreme dieting and liposuction aside}.  There is going to be an interim “active” phase before “maintenance” so why deprive yourself of something that’s going to make you look and feel good and is comfortable for the shape and size you are right now?

You don’t need to spend £££ and can save something really special for when you reach interim goals or target weight but I personally believe that weight loss shouldn’t been about deprivation.  I’ve already cut down on the chocolate and wine – there’s only so much a girl can take!!  When I feel deprived I feel unmotivated, frustrated and rubbish which usually leads to reaching for the biscuit tin.  Reflecting on this I’ve actually found that I’m a lot happier and in fact more likely to exercise and eat healthily if I’m not restricting myself unrealistically. 

It’s summer.  It’s hot.  It’s Britain.  Therefore it’s unlikely to last long.  So yes I bought a pair of {bigger than I would like} shorts because they are comfy and you know what?  I wore them with pride!  They may not fit me next summer but for £6 from Primark they’re worth every penny for the here and now. 

Does this purchase mean I’ve given up on my weight loss goals?  Absolutely not.  But it does mean I can look and feel good whilst I get there J

What else have you put off until you’re a slimmer version of yourself?  Trying out that new exercise class?  Going on holiday or applying for your dream job?

Reaching your target weight may be your destination but don’t forget to make the most out of your journey.  Buy that new shade of lipstick or those comfy jeans, play with your kids, try out a new sport, have a cocktail or go on that road trip!  Take action and join Slimming World {or equivalent} or buddy up with a friend to support each other on your weight loss journey.  Ask yourself why you really want to lose weight, identify your triggers and think about what inspires you.  And more importantly don’t beat yourself up if you fancy the odd egg McMuffin.  Remember you’re still you whatever the scales say.

Take back control and enjoy life – you only live once!

A few things I’ve stopped putting off until I’m slim:

-          Bought a new lippy

-          Planning a spa day

-          Started exercising again

-          Bought some new outfits for work

-          Making more effort with my beauty regime

-          Took the twins swimming

-          Planning a family photo shoot

-          Wearing shorts this summer!


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