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We're expecting! {the unexpected} {Sept 2014}

On 9th September 2014 I had the most horrific stomach bug.  Or so I thought....

After 12 hours of puking (nice) Mr H said to me "are you sure you're not pregnant" to which I replied "if this is what morning sickness feels like I hope not!"  Ha.  Hahahahahahahaha.  Two pregnancy tests, a trip to the doctors and a third test just to be sure (you know, the one that states 'pregnant' or 'not pregnant') later I text Mr H.  I think it's pretty safe to say that we're expecting!

Daydreaming about being pregnant and actually being pregnant it turns out are very different things.  Daydream pregnancy = gorgeous flowing maternity dresses, glowing skin, pottering around Mothercare picking up cute outfits.  Actually pregnancy = uncomfortable maternity trousers, wanting to hurl at the most inconvenient times, heartburn from hell, piles (yes I went there) and gawking at the price of strollers.  Bye bye Mothercare, hello eBay!

Needless to say I spent the first few weeks of my known pregnancy (7 weeks onwards) pretty much with my head down the toilet.  Hurrah!  We decided to wait a couple of weeks before telling close family and friends.  As expected everyone was over the moon, and actually most people had already guessed - obviously didn't do a fab job of hiding the morning sickness!  I then broke the news to my boss - my exact words after a particularly rough morning being - "Hi Kerry, I'm pregnant and I feel like s**t".  Always one to be subtle. 

I don't know why they call it 'morning' sickness.  It should really be renamed 'can strike at anytime' sickness.  I basically lived off a combination of hula hoops and copious amounts of apple juice in those early days. 

As the 12 week mark loomed the sickness began to subside and I felt pretty good!  We went to our first scan nervous but excited.  Part of me thought they might say that actually I was having a phantom pregnancy and there was actually nothing there.  What actually happened is something I never would have foreseen in a million years!

There I was expectantly lying next to the sonographer watching the screen for a little blob of baby thinking "is that it? Is that our baby?" but they kept moving the scanner and not settling as I expected.  This is it.  This is when they tell me I'm having a phantom pregnancy.  The sonographer then asked the (I assume) more experienced sonographer to take over.  Oh no.  Something's wrong.  I kept staring at the screen.  Aware of Mr H now sitting forward in his chair wringing his hands nervously. 

"Do you have twins in your family?"  she asked.  WTF!!  Cue tears.  Tears of pure shock.  "No" I replied and stared at not one but two little blobs now visible on the screen.  Two little babies.  Twins.  Wow. 

The rest of the scan pretty much pasted in a blur.  We had some photos printed out and were told we'd need to see a consultant and book a separate scan for the following week.  We just sat in the waiting room, pale faced and staring blankly at each other.  Twins.  F**k. 

Then came the fun bit.  "Hi mum - we've just had our scan.  Baby is fine.  Baby number 2 is fine too"  Hehe.  Hehehehehehehehehe.  If telling your loved ones you're pregnant is fun, telling them you're expecting twins is awesome!  Neither of us have twins in the family so it was as big a shock to our nearest and dearest as it was to us.  That is apart from my sister in law who said I was pregnant with twins before I had even told her I was expecting.  A comment I obviously brushed off and didn't think twice about.  She knows her pregnant tummies that girl. 

I pretty much loved every part of my pregnancy from there onwards.  The sickness cleared up.  My skin began to glow, my hair got thicker, my bump grew gorgeous and round and I got to go to about a million scans and see my babies almost fortnightly.  At our 20 week scan we found out we were having two boys and we started preparing things at home, painting the nursery, finding a double buggy that would fit my tiny car (which we did!) and buying and accepting offers of baby clothes.  I remember mentioning to Mr H that we could have babies in 10 weeks time if they came early as so many twins do.  Three days later 7 (!) packages of baby clothes arrived from eBay.  Panic buying much Mr H??   

Nearer the end of my pregnancy things started to get tougher.  Ridiculous heartburn meant I could hardly eat, my bump got heavy and I couldn't comfortably drive or stand for long, my back ached and complications started to crop up which meant more visits to the hospital.  I may as well have lived there really.  But we got there in the end and at 37 weeks I was induced at Gloucester Royal Hospital. 

Then on 11th April 2015 we welcomed our two baby boys into the world - Noah William and Oliver Danny :)
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