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Hi!  I’m Ellie – a 32 year-old attempted biologist turned finance officer from the beautiful Shire of Gloucester, South-West England.  I graduated from the University of Wales Aberystwyth in 2006 with a Degree in Animal Science but after working in the pharmaceutical industry for 2+ years decided that wasn’t quite for me and headed home where I stumbled across administration and finance.  Surprisingly, I actually love spreadsheets!  Anywho….
I love my life, however am always looking for that something more…. but with a sensible hat on – aiming for the stars whilst keeping my ballet pumps firmly on the ground.  I love to be organised, live by the metaphor of ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ and have a list for every occasion (including this blog….).   This may sound incredibly boring and structured but I’m also a dreamer, plus luckily I met possibly one of the most spontaneous, fun loving, unpredictable but also generous, kind and loyal people I’ve ever met.  We balance perfectly, sensible vs. impulsive, organised vs. lose canon. 
We got married in April 2013 after 6+ years together, growing up, making mistakes, righting them again, learning, growing and making a home.  Mr H is a Head Chef from the Welsh town of Dolgellau.  I, on the other hand can’t cook an omelette.  So the deal is, I clean, he cooks.  Sorted.

Then in April 2015 we became very proud parents to our gorgeous twin boys Noah and Oliver :)  Double the trouble but double the fun!
One of my other passions in life is running.  I may not be a honed athlete, but I’m enthusiastic (and easily excitable which helps) and now that I’ve had a few years getting to grips with putting one foot in front of the other at a slightly faster pace than a walk I can truly say I love to run.  I admit this passion comes and goes, but it’s always there to come back to when I need to clear my head, stomp off a bad day or lose a few pre-holiday pounds. 
I’ve always been a bit of a homemaker and since I got married this gene seems to have flowered and got my brain working overtime.  I would like to use this blog to share my homemaking inspirations, challenge myself to learn to cook, craft and live a clean healthy lifestyle whilst adjusting to life as a new mum.   I'd like to share hints and tips I’ve learnt along the way, amusing anecdotes of family life and my hopes and dreams for the future.  All in the aim to becoming a wanna-be perfect housewife.

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